Can you keep plants in the bathroom?

ferns and golden pothos around a bath

Bathrooms can be cold, stark places, and what better (and cheaper) way to brighten up yours than with a plant? Or lots of plants, covering every surface which is a thing that keeps cropping up on Instagram. The only thing I can say about that is that Plantstagrammers move their plants around a lot. Don’t …

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Can house plants survive in the dark?


Honestly? HONESTLY? No. I’m sure a ZZ plant would try super super hard to survive in, say, a bathroom with no lights. But it wouldn’t grow very quickly, if at all, and it would thrive. A lot of plants aren’t fussy: give them enough water, light, and something to grow their roots in, and they’ll …

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40 Gift ideas for plant lovers: what we wish you’d buy us

Buying presents is hard. Especially for dads. ESPECIALLY if your dad (like mine) doesn’t like sports, beer, or stuff. Any kind of stuff. He has what he needs. If you have a plant lover in your life, I’ve compiled a list of things they’d love to receive. The great thing about this list is there …

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Can house plants cause damp?

I’ve had a bit of a dilemma this year. We live in an old, damp house, so at Christmas, I treated myself to a dehumidifier. Crazy, I know. And then I somehow acquired dozens of houseplants that would require humidity. Suddenly the humidity was a good thing, and the dehumidifier was the evil, life-sucking monster …

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How many house plants is too many?

cacti and succulents on a shelf

What I’ve noticed about keeping houseplants as a hobby is that it escalates fast. I went from having a few sad cacti to having dozens of different plants. And I learned a lot of new words, like ‘variegated’, and ‘sphagnum’, and ‘Sansevieria’. It’s been a wild ride. There aren’t many collections you can add to …

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