20+ awesome Etsy House Plant shops

phildendron pedatum

Etsy is an incredible place to buy plants. They have everything from cheap-ass Golden Pothos cuttings, to ACTUAL variegated Monstera adansonii, should you have a casual couple of grand to drop on a plant. I don’t actually buy that many plants online, but I LOVE to browse them, which is really why I wrote this …

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Unique, cheap indoor plants that are easy to take care of

asparagus fern

Disclaimer: I have personally taken care of all of these plants, seen growth, and only killed one. And that was more of a philanthropic sacrifice. What does ‘easy-care’ mean when it comes to house plants? I’m assuming that you’re willing to give your plant some kind of care. Like, you can’t just let it fend …

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Plants to grow in your office

snake plant on desk

I don’t have an office, but I work in a restaurant with the same kind of issues a plant would run into as an office. You know – not much natural light, a heavy emphasis on strip lighting, not heating at the weekend. These are hardy plants. The hardiest. And they won’t be mad if …

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