How to Care For Monstera Adansonii

Monstera adansonii (sometimes called a swiss cheese vine) are one of those plants that can take a little while to settle in, and then they grow like crazy. I do find that they’re a little trickier to care for than Monstera deliciosa, but that’s not really saying much, since deliciosa are pretty tolerant of overwatering, … Read more

How to Care For Philodendron Golden dragon

I’ve done a general care guide for all philodendron here, which covers the basics. This article will go over that stuff briefly, but will be more specific to the ol’ golden dragon. My Philodendron golden dragon was one of the first rare house plants I got. Whilst P. golden dragon isn’t exactly rare, they’re not … Read more

How to Care For Peace Lilies

Peace lilies have a bit of a reputation for being hard to care for, but I’ve found them quite easy to look after. I mean, they’ve bloomed and everything. But, like most house plants with a rep, there are little tips and tricks that can dramatically improve your peace lily’s health. Where do peace lilies … Read more

How I Organise My Plants In Winter

If you live somewhere warmish, then you might not need to move your plants depending on the season. Here in the UK, I definitely DO. A little disclaimer before we start: a few of the tips I mention are NOT best practice. Mostly re. keeping plants near radiators. And it’s true, it’s not great to … Read more

My 50 favourite House Plant YouTubers

YouTube is for me, hands down the easiest way for me to learn about plants. I taught myself the basics of care by obsessively watching plant YouTubers. It’s all very good turning to google, but the top results are often headlines such as ’10 easy-care house plants’ or ‘house plants you can neglect’. Google, I … Read more