This Week In Houseplants (26/08/23)

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Can anyone point me towards information on why Pilea peperomioides produce minerals out of the back of their leaves? I know they’re normal mineral deposits, but I SWEAR I read somewhere that they have a specific purpose – like taking them less tasty or something?

Anyway, this week’s video was basically me showing off my plants that are doing really well (including my PP), and plants that are really, really not. Watch it here (please like and subscribe!)

I think all I’ve been doing differently is, embarrassingly enough, not being neglecting my plants. I’ve never had the time before! (Is my excuse, and I’m sticking to it).

This thing is full.

I also discuss my Monstera Dubia, (so called because botanists were dubious about it being a Monstera at first, and assigned it to another genus), which has been growing a lot, particularly around the back of its board which is…a choice.

Looking for plants to add to your wishlist? Planterina has 30 new plants available. In the US. The rest of us can just admire them and save our money.

I saw a STUNNING Queen anthurium in my local plant shop the other day, but the combination of the £425 price tag and the fact I’ve never seen one that doesn’t look like it’s just been in a fight meant I left with an African Violet (£5.99), a variegated chain of hearts (£3.99) and a Calathea Velvet touch (£4.99).

queen anthurium

She is beautiful though.

Love me a plant shop tour. Even if there’s no chance of being able to visit it – I may even prefer it?? Because I don’t like spending money.

Hope you have an amazing weekend! I’m off next week – going on a barge trip with my friend, her grandson and his friend, so it *should* be fun!

Caroline Cocker

Caroline is the founder and writer (and plant keeper) of Planet Houseplant

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