This Week In House Plants (15/07/23)

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This week is gonna be all about new growth on my plants BUT you should also check out this house plant tour from Harli G because it’s awesome!

My ZZ plant is on it’s second branch of the year, which is VERY exciting because it’s two more than it grew last year. And we still have time for more. I love how they grow the whole branch at once, bulb style, and then it just slowly stretches out over a couple of weeks.

This prehistoric-looking plant is a Begona Carolinefolia and it’s so cool. I repotted it from whatever weirdly dense soil it was in (I think it was designed for outdoor plants, but it was this weirdly cushiony potting mix that I’ve never encountered before or since).

I thought the left-hand branch was rotting because it went squishy, but I *think* I got there just in time because there are little green bits on the tip.

this Hoya Kerrii has been THRIVING next to my south-facing window. She’s put out about 6 leaves in a month, which is probably record-breaking. Hoya are slow growers at the best of times, and Hoya kerrii really took that on board. It also variegated which slows things down even more so I am PROUD.

The new leaf on my Pink Princess is…very pink. Pinker than the other bits. Just thought I’d show you!

The only problem with this Hoya bella is that it is a PAIN to photograph the flowers, because they hang down. It looks and smells amazing. It usually just smells floral, but this year the scent is really strong and a bit…sunscreeny. In a good way!

The new leaf on my Gloriosum is looking stunning. The white veining is definitely becoming more pronounced with every new leaf. Excuse the dishevelled appearance but she is a literal newborn, and they’re always a bit scrunchy.

The unidentified Alocasia corm is the variegated Amazonica! That new leaf is a stunner! Now I need to go and replace my dragonscale. I also fancy a stingray and a zebrina because apparently, I’m a glutton for punishment. I swore of Calathea and Alocasia years ago, and yet here I am with both.

Can confirm that nipping off the top growth point of a rubber plant results in branching. Only took a couple of weeks to recover!

And that’s about it! I took a load of plants out of the terrarium because they were too big and I’ll show them eventually, but they are currently looking AWFUL. All droopy and brown. You can’t really blame them, because the terrarium kept everything perfectly consistent and now they’re out in the world where anything could happen.

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!

Caroline Cocker

Caroline is the founder and writer (and plant keeper) of Planet Houseplant

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