I’m Caroline, and I have about 200 houseplants. I say about, because I add more month and month, and some, you know…cease to exist.

I’ve been collecting houseplants since 2016, but it wasn’t until I watched Jenna Marble’s houseplant tour that I was like, ‘wait…these guys actually grow?’

I’ve been hooked ever since, and even pivoted my career from writing about anything to writing about pretty much exclusively plants.

Growing tropical houseplants in deepest North Yorkshire can be challenging at times, but over the years I’ve found ways of convincing my plants that we are in the tropics, and there’s no reason to throw a hissy fit from October to March.

Seriously, some plants just crave attention. Put your maidenhair fern on your coffee table and she’ll be a dream to care for.

My favourite plants are the divas, because I love working out what makes them tick. Do they want more light, more food, a terrarium? Can I root cuttings faster if I put a Pothos in the water or is that just an old wives tale? Is it ridiculous to buy a house exclusively because of its massive south-facing windows??

My absolute favourite pastime is finding ways to make caring for a LOT of houseplants easier. Sure, you could pick easy-care houseplants, but then you’re limiting yourself. Instead, get yourself a pump-action power sprayer so you can water all your plants in half an hour AND you get to feel like a ghostbuster too.

If you’re curious to see my plants, here’s my latest houseplant tour:

I’m not one to spend hundreds of pounds on a plant (the pressure is just too much) but I LOVE a bargain. That means that I spend a LOT of time taking care of teeny baby plants because why buy spend a fortune on a plant when you can buy a teeny baby for a tenth of the price?

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