Hello, I’m Caroline and I freaking love plants.

I also love writing, which is great because in order to combine my twin passions I can, you know, write about plants.

So here I am.

I live in a tiny, dark, damp house in the middle of nowhere in North Yorkshire, and I went from being a card-carrying plant killer to full-time plant parent overnight, sometime in May 2019.

How, you ask?

Well, I watched Jenna Marbles’ plant tour.

That girl is an inspirational plant parent, so if you’re struggling with tending to your plants, give it a search on Youtube (or click this link)

I went from having a couple of sad spider plants and a snake plant to owning nearly a hundred plants in a few short months.

In that time, only a couple have died, and I don’t think I actually killed either of them.

I can help you not kill your plants.

It gets really exciting when you discover that plants have more than one state (I used to assume they were either dead or alive) – they can actually GROW.

It’s been a wild ride.

If you ended up here from Google, desperate to keep your plant charges alive and have idea where to start, click here to read my AWESOME post that details 101 tips for keeping your plants alive.

Or click on the every post ever tab at the top. Whatever.