House Plants That Will Flower In the UK

There are LOADS of house plants that will bloom in the UK, including: Orchids Peace lilies Christmas Cactus Hoya Begonia Cyclamen Amaryllis African Violet Poinsettia Clivia Anthurium Aglaonema Peperomia Alocasia Most plants bloom. It’s how they make baby plants. But whilst some flower seemingly for the hell of it, or seasonally, or because it’s the … Read more

Are Monstera Deliciosa Poisonous?

Ok, today I learned that cats and dogs can be poisonous to different things. I always kind of assumed that they were similar in terms of toxicity resistance, but clearly not. If you can’t find information on a plant’s toxicity, let’s err on the side of caution, and not buy it, if you worry your … Read more

Why do plants make me so happy?

girl laughing and plant

I haven’t always been this way. House plants used to be a major source of anxiety for me because I didn’t know how to keep them alive, they collected dust, and they looked so untidy. They were clutter, and I’m messy enough without adding literal dirt into the mix. And then I watched the Jenna … Read more

20+ awesome Etsy House Plant shops

phildendron pedatum

Etsy is an incredible place to buy plants. They have everything from cheap-ass Golden Pothos cuttings, to ACTUAL variegated Monstera adansonii, should you have a casual couple of grand to drop on a plant. I don’t actually buy that many plants online, but I LOVE to browse them, which is really why I wrote this … Read more