My 50 favourite House Plant YouTubers

YouTube is for me, hands down the easiest way for me to learn about plants. I taught myself the basics of care by obsessively watching plant YouTubers. It’s all very good turning to google, but the top results are often headlines such as ’10 easy-care house plants’ or ‘house plants you can neglect’. Google, I … Read more

How I Identify My House Plants

Identifying house plants is not an easy task. There are A LOT of them. And not only that, but a lot of them look verrry similar. You’d think it’d be as easy as 1. buy a plant, 2. look at the label of said plant. But that’s absolutely not the case. And whilst I’ve bought … Read more

Does Leca Prevent Pests?

No, but it can basically eliminate some, and make others easier to manage. The main reason I started researching switching to a semi-hydroponic system was the thrips on my Thai Constellation. I’m a naturally frugal person that gets stressed and overwhelmed easily, so I couldn’t let my nearly £100 plant die. I KNOW that a … Read more

Why Use LECA? 9 Benefits Of Growing House Plants In Semi-hydro

Leca is environmentally friendly Growing plants in semi-hydroponics saves water Semi-hydro is easier to schedule Leca is less messy than soil Fungus gnats can’t thrive in leca Fertilising is more effective You can more accurately control pH You can keep plants in smaller pots It can be cheaper than soil Growing plants in semi-hydro/Leca isn’t … Read more