The Week In House Plants (04/08/23)

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Surprise, surprise I went plant shopping and got a couple of plants. I got a Hoya krohniana eskimo (£3.99) and a Alocasia dragon scale (£4.99). As yu might have guessed from the price, they’re both babies.

I repotted my previous tiny plants and my coffee table looked empty so I replenished my stash.

Hoya krohniana eskimo
Hoya krohniana eskimo
alocasia dragonscale

Does anyone here have mourning geckos? Ours REFUSE to remain in our terrarium. They love that book case life. Here’s a little snoot I saw yesterday when I was watering my plants.

mourning gecko on bookcase

It was time to repot my philodendron gloriosum – they’re crawling plants so I need to get it into a longer pot:

There’s a layer of leca and orchid bark on the bottom to stop the soil from holding too much water. She’s putting out a new leaf so I don’t *think* she was bothered by the upset.

My obsession with the kratiste poles continues. I freaking love them. I transferred my Pink Princess and Florida ghost this week.

Seriously, if you’re lazy when it comes to moss poles, but you want your aerial roots to attach, you NEED a Kratiste pole. Look at the aerial roots on this Syngonium:

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This week’s tour is AGAIN from the Jungle Haven, but it’s all about the ever-underappreciated Aglaonema. I have a couple in my terrarium, which is a shame because I can think of a few spots in my house that would suit them well. Hmm, perhaps on my next trip to the garden centre…

I also enjoyed this Q&A with the woman that does at-home tissue culture.

Have a great weekend!

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