Moisture metre

I got mine from Amazon, but Home Depot and Wilko do them too.


They’re cheapest on Amazon.


This Levoit one is the gold standard for house plant parents. It has a HUGE tank, and you can set it to produce warm mist.

Grow lights

I have a recessed corner in my living room where my Calathea live. I use these growlights for a few hours a day, and the plants are thriving. I also keep some Philodendron there too.

I use the grow lights like a lamp, so they’re only on for about four hours in the evening.


I like t4u – they’re only available on Amazon as far I can see. They do sturdy, pretty pots WITH DRAINAGE HOLES in a variety of designs and sizes.

Terracotta pots tend to be cheapest from garden centres. Other than that I reuse nursery pots and get cover pots from thrift stores and Ikea.

If you’re in the UK, you NEED to check out Hooked and Hung on Etsy. Not only do they sell gorgeous painted terracotta pots, but the crocheted plants are absolutely adorable.

Americans, check out Ruby Farms Pottery. The Monstera mug is BEAUTIFUL.

I’m also a HUGE fan of Succi Pots.

Neem Oil

You can get it pretty cheap from Etsy. Use to clean plants and get rid of pests.


I use worm castings from Etsy and fish tank water (people don’t seem to sell it – should I start??). There are also loads of liquid fertilisers available from Etsy sellers.

Propagation Station

Wowsucculents have a great selection, as do CozzzySpot, and NefitasHandmade.

Moss Pole

Garden centres sell them pretty cheap, but you can get them on Etsy here.


DO not use for misting, just cleaning your leaves. I prefer these spray bottles because they don’t leak as much as misters.

Potting mix – you can get all the ingredients you need from Etsy and Ebay. Some Etsy sellers sell premixed aroid mix if you’d rather have it pre-made. I’m afraid they seem to be US only though.

Plant shops I recommend

Some ship worldwide, some don’t. There’s a range here – some do spider plants and pothos at great prices, others do rare philodendron, monstera etc. They all have repeat buyers, great reviews, and a decent amount of stock.

I have a whole post about Etsy plant shops here.

Books I recommend

I only have one, but I do like it: House Plant Expert by Dr D.G. Hessayon. It has a decent identification section (considering how many plant varieties there are) and great care sections at the back.

To be honest, I do most of my plant IDing using Pinterest and Instagram, but I still like reading this book. Is it necessary? Absolutely not.