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I will state in the description of the product whether the product is one I’ve used. For products I’ve not actually bought, I’ll link to products based on what I like the look of, what I’ve seen others recommend, and of course, Amazon reviews.

I’ll leave links to both the US and the UK amazon stores.

Moisture meter

This is the actual moisture probe I use, and it’s the number 1 reason my plants are all still alive. I used to oscillate wildly between over and under watering, and now I don’t even need to think about it!

Apparently these aren’t as accurate as more expensive ones, but mine has always been accurate enough to keep my plants alive.


Again, this is the hygrometer I use. You could spend a bit more on a more accurate one, but it’s fine for my purposes.


I tend to buy my terracotta pots from local garden centres, because they’re cheap af. However, there are some seriously cute ceramic plant pots (with drainage holes, because we’re all about keeping our plants alive) available. I’ve not actually gotten any yet, but I need a nice one for my hoya.

Americans, you have some gorge planters on your Amazon. Ours are ok, I suppose.

Grow lights

I’ve recently invested in some grow lights, and BY CHRIST if you accidentally shine them in your boyfriend’s eyes he’ll scream.

I’m planning on getting another set for my kitchen.


I don’t actually have a humidifier but IF I DID, I’d get this one, because it has a large tank and the option of hot and cold mist. It’s also programmable so you can keep the humidity at a fairly constant level.

Neem oil

I use this to clean plants and as a mild insecticide. The Uk one is the actual one I use. The US one is the best one I can find, but there’s LOADS. Maybe split it into little jars and give what you don’t need away as gifts.


I couldn’t find one to recommend on, so sorry American friends, you’ll have to find your own. This is the one that I use:

Spray bottle

Yes, you could get a cheap-ass plastic one, but these ones are pretty enough to use as decor, which means you can just leave them next to your plants and they look GOOD.


Invaluable for bottom watering, though obviously your bath or sink will do. I like using a tray because I can take it to my plants and save them dripping all over the floor. It also means I can leave it outside to fill with rainwater and then bring it in when I need to use it.


This is a want, not a need. HOW COOL THOUGH??

Propagation station

Again, any old jars you have lying around are FINE, but if you want something fancy (or to give as a gift) these are cute af:

Moss pole

Tbh I tend to use bamboo canes because they’re cheaper, but for a big statement plant, I like to stake it to a moss pole. You can get them in garden centres too, and I think they’re a bit cheaper.


I personally wouldn’t invest in a mister – I’d just use one of the spray bottles mentioned above, but if you do want one, don’t get a cheap one.

They don’t work.

They’ll leak everywhere.