20 Awesome Etsy Planters/Pots

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Ok, cards on the table, these are links to shop, not individual pots, because I thought it would be more useful. The first ten will be based in the US, and the next ten will be based in the UK. No country bias here, it’s just that the vast majority of my readers are from there.

I have an article on Etsy shops that sell plants here.

I didn’t think I’d ever need to type the word ‘boobs’ into this website at all. This post required me to type it A LOT. Let’s have a spare one: boobs.

1 – IPDesignsbyMZ

If you like boob prints, this is the shop for you. There’s a tonne of cute designs, but if you look at the reviews, everyone loves the boob print pots.

2 – FunSucculents

Also VERY cute, but in more of a sloth-and-kitten way rather than boobs everywhere.

3 – Celelelela

Oh. My. God.

These look clearly handmade (in a cute way!) and I LOVE THEM. The frog planter makes me smile everytime I think about it.

4 – GI3DPrints

Ok, if you’ve ever been a waitress you’ll know this look. It’s the one you do at home on the sofa after a long day and you can finally relax your face.

5 – JandSCreativePrints

Do you like rainbows? Swirls? Ghosts? Boobs?

I can’t imagine there’s a human being that doesn’t like at least one of those things (that I’d want to be acquainted with) and they can all be found in this Etsy shop. This one wins the prize for the shiniest boobs.

6 – ThePlantersClub

These are absolutely beautiful. Reviewers are raving about the quality, the customer service, and the shipping. The catch is that they’re pricey af. Not like, ridiculously so, but you won’t catch me spending more than 50 quid on a plant pot (and if we’re being honest, I’m not going to pay more than a tenner).

7 – ArtandtheGarden

This shop also sells plants, and they have a tonne of stuff, so there’s a bit of something for everyone. Original stuff (there’s a LOT of shops that all sell the same stuff on Etsy) and good prices.

8 – PotahtoHome

The tagline for this shop is ‘creative and stylish’ and I agree. It’s creative in that it’s definitely a bit different to the usual fare (not one boob in three pages – rare indeed) but still pretty classic looking. It’s aesthetically pleasing, or just ‘aesthetic’ as the youths on YouTube would say.

9 – PrettyPrintedPots

If you’ve ever thought ‘ this planter is nice and all, but it doesn’t look enough like one of the dragon eggs from Game of Thrones’, this is the shop for you.

10 – AttitudeandSass

This is all swirls and rainbows. ‘No ghosts and boobs?’ I hear you ask. No. But there’s a LOT of swirls and rainbows, so I barely notice the lack of ghosts and boobs.

11 – BloomSeasonByDesign

These are pretty standard small, cute pots (also randomly baby Groot) that I assume are either 3D printed or bought from AliBaba, but they’re cute and well priced.

12 – mishandled

Brightly coloured and marbled are the buzz words here. They’re EXTREMELY cool.

13 – RedBoxCraft

I don’t really like the whole ‘fairy garden’ thing, but this is an exception.

Look at it. The three baby hedgehogs going up the stairs.

Although, that’s cramped conditions for a family of six – we have three babs on the stairs, mum at the top, and then you can see dad’s head (bottom right) and the top of another child’s head. Surely they’d spike each other? Maybe I’m reading too much into this.

14 – StupidEggInteriors

This is a one-stop shop for plants and plant pots. They have a big range, from cheap fittonias to rare things like Florida Ghosts. There’s nothing life-changing here, but there’s a great selection of solid plants and planters. Highly recommend and incredible for gifts.

15 – TheCraftyPlanterUK

  • Made from recycled plastic
  • original and different, but not weird
  • Cool af
  • Well priced

15 – RebelPlantsUK

Another plants and pot site, unique without too unique (if you get what I mean) and well priced. At the time of publishing, they had an Alocasia dragonscale for £9.50.

16 – TheBoobPotCompany

You can have your own boobs immortalised in plant pot form! Interestingly, there’re fewer boobs in UK plant pot Etsy shops, but more bums and genitals. The more you know.

17 – PutAPlantInItUK

Upcycled plant pots made from other stuff. With drainage holes added! Yaaaay! Ok, this looks to be brand new shop so there are no reviews, but we give kudos for great ideas.

18 – MacrameAndMoreArts

This is not so much a pot shop as it is a pot holder shop. But not that kind of pot holder (Brits – Americans call oven gloves pot holder). Things to make your pots into hanging pots.

19 – BrushedEarthHome

Gorgeous painted faux terracotta pots. They are *chef’s kiss*. If I had more money and if I owned my own home, this would be the style I’d be looking to emulate.

20 – InBloomInHabit

This is a general interiors shop, but the plant pots are beautiful and on the front page so I thought I’d include it. There is a great range of styles and prices. Great if you’re looking for a specific style to match your decor, because the stock is extremely varied and covers most classic aesthetics. I’ve only looked through about five pages and I’m confident there won’t be a sloth, a boob, or baby Groot here.

I hope you find a planter you love! If boobs are your thing you’re well catered for!

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