This Week In Houseplants (23/09/23)

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It’s currently feeling very autumnal around here, but the weather is wild. It’s either baking or absolutely hoying it down.

My plants don’t seem to have noticed the change in the weather (surely the fact I’ve cracked my dressing gown out should have alerted them??) and several of them are ramping up the growth. i feel bad, but other than telling them that winter’s coming, what else can I do?

Both my Hoya bella and linearis seem intent on blooming again, so if the temperature could stay in double figures until they’ve got their blooms out (they’re currently just peduncles) I’d be grateful.

I did an article on whether superthrive works or not a few months ago and whilst I find it underwhelming, a lot of people swear by it for rooting plants. I recently read a few articles that claim you can use seaweed fertiliser for helping cuttings root, and just generally improve root health.

I’ve rooted plants in nutrient water before with great success, so it makes sense that it would accelerate the process (despite being pretty weak as an actual fertiliser), but I didn’t know that there’s a whole community of people using it as a supplement, but not their main feed. Makes sense though.

Apparently, thrips are waging war on the UK this September. I’ve taken to manually removing them a couple of times a day. The ones on my Anthurium clarinerveum seem immune to everything else.

I am terrible at taking care of kokedamas (they just go mouldy for some reason), but the ones in this video are stunning. Also, the air plant at 6:12 is goals.

My Kratiste review is finally up! I’m still obsessed. Even though I recently started using a sprayer to water my moss poles, which helps, I prefer not to have to bother.

Speaking of the sprayer, I love it for lazy watering.

You know when your plants are super thirsty but you don’t have time/ the inclination to water them? The sprayer is a great way to stop them from completely frazzling. It doesn’t give them a proper deep water (unless you spray for ages) but it’s good for a top up.

I love it for my Gloriosum in a crawling pot, because I can moisten all of the soil without saturating it. I hate fully watering all of it because it’s unnecessary (the plant is right at one end) and drips everywhere. I properly water the plant end and just spray the rest. She seems happy!

I was going to stop doing these weekly update-type articles over winter, because there will be no growth updates, BUT I’m gonna continue because:

  1. It’ll help keep me accountable, and encourage me to not totally neglect my plants over winter and
  2. Misery loves company! I can post updates on which plants are LOSING leaves. Yay!

Have an awesome week!

Caroline Cocker

Caroline is the founder and writer (and plant keeper) of Planet Houseplant

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