Plant profile: how to care for…Fiddle-leaf Fig Trees

fiddle-leaf fig tree

Despite being the diva of the house plant world, the Fiddle-leaf fig tree remains one of the most popular house plants going. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure why. I mean, they’re cool and yes, I do have one, but so many plants are just as big and striking without being so damn finicky. …

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Plant profile: how to care for…Monstera Deliciosa

monstera deliciosa plant

Monstera Deliciosa are very much having a moment, and it’s easy to see why. They’re large, striking and not particularly inclined to drop down dead because you moved it a quarter of an inch to the left (*gives side-eye to the fiddle-leaf fig*). Large Monstera can be expensive, so it might be worth putting a …

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Plant profile: how to care for…cacti


There are over 2000 different types of cacti. I’m not doing 2000 different posts on how to care for each of them, but this care guide will be suitable for the majority of common cacti available in the shops. Hopefully anyway. If you spend a lot of money on a weird one, please research that …

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Plant Profile: How to care for…Calathea

I kind of got into plants in the wrong order – I went all in on Philodendron first, purely because they’re low-light tolerant and aren’t fussy about watering. I’d basically written off Calathea due to their slightly-more-fussy-than-philodendron nature. But they drew me in. They’re just so damn beautiful. And then my local garden centre started …

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