Plant profile: how to care for…orchids


Where do orchids come from? Where don’t orchids come from? It’s one of the two biggest families of flowering plants, the other being the daisy, aster, and sunflower family, Asteraceae. There are over 28,000 species over 763 genera (which is the plural of genus, which was news to me, too). To put that into perspective, … Read more

Plant Profile: How to care for…Calathea

I kind of got into plants in the wrong order – I went all in on Philodendron first, purely because they’re low-light tolerant and aren’t fussy about watering. I’d basically written off Calathea due to their slightly-more-fussy-than-philodendron nature. But they drew me in. They’re just so damn beautiful. And then my local garden centre started … Read more