Plant profile: how to care for…ferns

I bloody love ferns. I mean, maidenhair ferns are a bit…touchy, which is why they get their own post (here), but in general, as long as you keep up with your watering, you’ll get an incredible plant. I think by now we’ve all seen the Reddit post where the girl buys a $30 dollar fern …

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Plant Profile: How to care for…Philodendron

philodendron golden dragon

I love me a philodendron. They’re a family comprising over 900 species, so I’d be shocked if you can’t find one you like. They’re big, viney, and often easy to take care of. You can get pink ones, black ones, heart-shaped ones, long skinny ones…you get the idea. Philodendron vary MASSIVELY with specific care tips, …

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Plant Profile: how to care for…Maidenhair fern

hand touching a maidenhair fern

Everyone loves maidenhair fern. They were the It Plant a couple of years ago – I remember because I fell in love with one, brought it home and killed it within a fortnight. Sad times. I was understandably put off by this so didn’t get one until late last year. I’m happy to say that …

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Plant Profile: how to care for…Aglaonema


In my opinion, Aglaonemas are woefully underrepresented in the house plant community. They’re easy to care for and come in some pretty spectacular forms – I mean, check out the one above! It’s freaking PINK. Basic care: Light: bright, indirect – medium Humidity: 50%+ Temperature: 18C/65F – 24C/75F Watering: Water thoroughly when moisture metre reads …

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Plant Profile: how to grow…Pothos

golden pothos

In my opinion, Pothos are a great plant for beginners to try to keep alive. Not because they’re extremely easy to care for (though they’re not difficult), but because they’re cheap, easy to replace, and not easy to kill. They’re also quick growers, which is rewarding for newcomers to plant parenthood. There are dozens of …

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