Plant profile: how to care for…String of Pearls

String of Pearls

I’d like to start this post by first saying RIP to my string of pearls. It came to me chronically overwatered and covered in aphids, which I could never quite shake. After a year of hospice care, during which it infected many of my other plants with aphids, I decided he had to be sacrificed …

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Plant profile: how to care for…Chain of hearts

chain of hearts on green background

If you want a miniature trailing plant, you can’t go far wrong with a chain of hearts. In my experience, they’re really easy to keep happy, especially if you’re a serial underwater like me. There’s a variegated form if that’s your jam. Personally they don’t do it for me. The variegation is pretty, but not …

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Plant profile: how to care for…Syngoniums


Syngoniums are, in my opinion, criminally underrated in the house plant world. They’re one of my favourites. There are so many cool types, and they’re super easy to care for. I’ll post pictures of my collection at the bottom. You may have them referred to as Arrowhead vines, but I call them Syngoniums because I …

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Plant profile: how to care for…Sansevieria

snake plant

So, from my research, I can conclude that Sansevieria no longer exist. Well. They’ve done some molecular phylogenetic studies and, as it turns out, sansevieria are molecularly related to dracaena, so now they’re all dracaena. I’m still writing this post. You know what I mean by Sansevieria. There’s a picture of one at the top …

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Plant profile: how to care for…Dieffenbachia

photo of dieffenbachia leaves

If you’ve been hanging around this website for a while, you’ll know about my *dismal* track record with Dieffenbachia. I had one, it yellowed, dropped all its leaves, got mealybugs, and died. To this day, I have no idea what happened. The only thing I can think is that it had root rot when I …

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