This Week In House Plants 29/04/23

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It’s my birthday weekend, so I have the PERFECT day planned. First is breakfast in a new local cafe that does a vegan full English with a tofu omelette and a potato rosti. Then it’s to York to Dean’s Garden Centre to have a look at the plants, then we’re driving up the coast road and stopping off for a walk on the beach.

Then obvs home for wine and crisps, two of my very favourite things. I am EXCITED.

The best thing about this plan is that it isn’t weather dependent. In fact, it’s better if the weather’s crap because there will be less bank holiday traffic (if I’d have made my due date, we wouldn’t have this issue, but I just HAD to be a week early).

This week’s house plant tour is a couple of years old, but it’s held up well. I love everything about it, and it’s pretty much my dream house.

Absolutely obsessed with whoever decided to put this as the featured image (and no. 2 on the list!) of easy-care house plants. There’s also the classic ‘snake plants are low light plants’ in there too.

I found this article when I was researching the impact of house plants on the environment and came across this…opinionated article on house plant rights. Bizarre. Whilst I definitely DON’T advocate taking plants from the wild, there is room for nuance. My boyfriend keeps tropical fish, and it’s shocking how many are taken from the wild because their rivers are being destroyed/filled in to make way for whatever we need.

Also worth noting that some plants that thrive in our homes are extremely rare in the wild because they’re just not that suited to where they live. There are a few, but the real panda of the botanical world is Monstera adansonii.

I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on this. I just don’t see plants helping with this??

Great article here on what to do with your orchids after they’ve bloomed

I’m not one for wallpaper, but when I create my living wall this is my inspiration.

Have a great weekend!

Caroline Cocker

Caroline is the founder and writer (and plant keeper) of Planet Houseplant

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