Favourites: April 2023

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This is like OG YouTube!

1 – First up, we have ABG soil mix.

I use it for all plants now. I only discovered it because my boyfriend uses it for the terrarium.

It’s not cheap, but probably no more expensive than making up your own soil mix. It’s nice and chunky, but still retains a nice amount of water. I believe that since it’s called ABG mix, and the ABG stands for Atlanta Botanical gardens, it was developed there, but who knows?? (Actually, I will soon, because I’m gonna research it and do an article on it).

I use it for all my plants. I don’t have the time nor the inclination to fuck about buying different soils for different plants. If they’re mad about that, they need to grow up.

2 -This tray:

I keep my baby plants and propagations on my coffee table to prevent me from completely forgetting about them, and this tray makes them look a bit neater.

It also keeps the soil and water corralled and makes them easier to move if we need to. It was £12 from Wilko, but there’s similar here.

3 – This receipt

I needed some big 30cm pots for my rubber plants, and they had Ehlo pots SUPER CHEAP in Yorkshire Trading.

My boyfriend was all ‘go and get them all!’.

Oh, I already did.

They’re pretty boring pots, but they do the job.

I got some slightly smaller black ones too.

4 – This leaf

First one of the year, and she’s a beaut. My other smaller Monstera is also growing a new leaf, but the big one is just growing aerial roots. I’m sure he has a plan.

5 – My organisational skills

Got my accounts up to date for last year! Got my spreadsheet sorted for this year! After I write this I’m going to sort out my content plan for next month (if you have an questions/articles you want me to cover, leave a comment), prep it tomorrow, and then I’m freeee for my birthday weekend.

I also set the traditional tax year resolution: ‘this year, I’m gonna set aside half an hour every month to update my books, so I don’t spend a day in April next year crying (like I did today).

It’s from that same group of resolutions as ‘I’m never drinking again’, and ‘we should go camping more’, but I love a bit of goal setting! Just need to work on my follow through!

Have a great week!

Caroline Cocker

Caroline is the founder and writer (and plant keeper) of Planet Houseplant

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