This Week In House Plants 22/04/23

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If anyone’s looking for a productivity tool/hack that’s LIFECHANGING, boy do I have good news for you.

I’m one of those perpetually disorganised people that’s forever looking for a syaytem that will keep me on top of things. NOTHING works because no system can deal with my mess of notes, links to scientific papers, content plan etc etc.

And then I watched a video from Grace Beverly and she simply what’s apps herself a long string of…stuff.

Honestly, so good. I think the main benefit is that I always use Whatsapp. I’ve tried Notion and Goodnotes and a load of similar apps but I tend to forget they exist. Whatsapp is right there.

And then once a day I check my long chain of random notes and sort through anything pressing. I found an article I wanted to discuss in this article, and saved it to Whatsapp, rather than losing it in Google Keep.

So easy, so good, so free.


First thing I wanted to discuss was the aforementioned article.

This gentleman, Stefano Mancuso, is a self-described plant neurologist. He’s done research into anaesthetising plants and it’s all very interesting. What I really liked though was the bit about a load of trees keeping a tree stump alive for decades (I assume by utilising the fungal networks attached to their roots).

I did find the interview bit patronising though – the interviewer seemed to be taking the mick when Mancuso said that plants communicate as much as humans. I mean, a LOT of organisms communicate just as much as humans. Communication isn’t limited to language.

Trees just stand there and make their mushroom mates do all the talking. Sounds pretty intelligent to me.

Video of the week

I don’t have a plant tour this week, BUT Harli G has just uploaded a video on how to prepare your house plants for when you away on holiday/vacation which might be useful to some of you.

I went away last year in July in the middle of a heatwave without doing any prep at all and I came back to some VERY droopy plants.

I was so worried about my rabbit overheating* I didn’t even consider the plants.

*They were 100% fine. I kept frozen water bottles in the freezer so our rabbit sitter could keep switching them out but they refused to go anywhere near them. It was exactly like the time I spent hours making little dens so they wouldn’t be *too* scared on Bonfire night. They acted like they couldn’t even HEAR the fireworks, and yet if we so much as cough, they run and hide.

New Growth

Monster Thai Constellation

She’s here! And she’s so beautiful:

She’s not hardened off yet, so she may yet grow some more.

Anthurium Clarinerveum

New leaf after a VERY long (like, a year) battle with thrips:

Monstera deliciosa

Has also been on a thrips-related growth hiatus, but she’s making a comeback!

Hoya Krimson Princess goth leaf

I don’t know why (probs the tonnes of light she’s getting), but I’m here for it.

Pothos Marble Queen (in the terrarium)

The terrarium has just been looking good in general. I think the warmer weather is helping (though there is a heat lamp in there for the frog and geckos).

That begonia is RAMPANT. If you’re looking for ground cover in a terrarium, this is what you need. They’re quite hard to get hold of in the UK, but you can get it on eBay. This was cut back like a fortnight ago. Shout out to the baby adansonii in the foreground that looks like an oblique due to all the slug holes!

How cute is this watering can?? I really, really love the way it looks, BUT if you read the reviews it has the teensy problem that the spout keeps falling off. All I want is a cute watering can that doesn’t drop apart and that doesn’t overflow when you’re watering. Surely this isn’t too much to ask?? It has literally one job.

Have a great week!

Caroline Cocker

Caroline is the founder and writer (and plant keeper) of Planet Houseplant

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