How much do Monstera plants cost?

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Monstera are probably one of the very few extremely common plants that varies WILDLY in price.

Because you can get Monstera for FREE.

Isn’t that the dream, kids? Free plants?

Mine weren’t free. One of them especially wasn’t free. Well actually it was to me, but not my boyfriend.

Here’s how much I paid for my Monstera:

no. leavesno. of leaves with splitsno. of leaves with holesprice (£)
Monstera Adansonii12n/aall of ’em£8.99
Monstera Deliciosa8108.99
Thai Constellation74189.99
Monstera Peru10n/a (I don’t think)n/a15.99

Please be aware that my Adansonii was a BARGAIN – they’re usually about £15 for the same size but it looked a bit sad. The others are all fairly standard prices for the size.

I’ll put the plant index photos and care guides below (the Plant Index is linked in the menu at the top and is basically a catalogue of all my plants).

I’m 99% sure that Epipremnum Marble Planet and Monstera Peru are the same plants.

How to get a Monstera Deliciosa for free

1 – Beg for a cutting

Somebody in your life must have a cutting. I mean, how many people own them? It must be at LEAST a quarter of the world’s population. There’s three in my house, and one of those is three cuttings smushed together.

Ask your mum, a work colleague, some rando you went to school with that has one in the back of their Facebook profile picture.

Has anyone else noticed that a lot of shopping centres are using rhipsalis and linearis as decor in massive planters? How unethical would it be for me to snip a wee cutting?

Monstera are super easy to propagate. SUPER EASY. Just snip off a cutting that has a node. If you don’t know where to cut, then go for some below (i.e. closer to the main plant) an aerial root.

shows where to make the cut to propagate a monstera

This photo is from my Peru because as I said, my Monstera is three cuttings planted together and it’s not grown enough for me to be able to take any cuttings.

As a little aside, it’s not the greatest idea to plant Monstera Deliciosa cuttings together, because they grow big chonky root systems which will get tangled and vie for space. I think the biggest problem is that they’ll block out each other’s light, and the light is apparently what triggers splits and holes.

But yeah, ask for a cutting.

2 – Hit up Preloved or Gumtree

You can often grab free or super cheap monstera from these online de-cluttering sites. If you’re after overgrown monstera and pothos, you can get some monsters.

A word of caution though – search for ‘house plant’ or ‘indoor plant’ not the name of the plant, or be faced with a lot of artificial plants.

How to get a Monstera deliciosa for less than £10

If you want a Monstera, can’t score a cutting, and don’t have much money, then you’re left with the option of getting a juvenile. They grow pretty quickly if you look after them well, and still grow, albeit slowly, if you treat them like crap.

If you’re in the UK, you can get a tiny Monstera for £4.99 from Cowell’s. If you have more money to spend, then you can get a HUGE one for £70.

For those of you that live outside the UK, I recommend Etsy. I have a post here with the shops I like to peruse a lot, but here are some that have cheap Monstera:

There’s Pretty Cactus Plants for those in the UK.

Rooted in Green for those in the UK.

And Plantae Treasures that delivers worldwide.

How much do variegated Monstera cost?

Your cheapest option when it comes to getting a variegated monstera is definitely a Thai Constellation.

I personally think the variegation is just as beautiful as a Monstera Albo Borsigiana (doesn’t stop me wanting one though) and not only are they significantly cheaper, but crucially, the variegation is stable, and won’t revert.

Cowells sell Thai Constellation for £119.99 and sell them online. I got mine from Dean’s in York for £89.99, but they don’t deliver.

The price of Albos varies a LOT. I don’t want to link to any because there’s a lot of controversy surrounding them, and I don’t want someone to buy a dud from someone I recommended.




If you want to know why not read this. But basically, it’s a scam.

Cowells sell variegated Monstera (I’ve seen them, they’re beautiful) online, and you can get them fairly easily on eBay and Etsy.

It’s pretty hard to find Monstera alba borsigiana (one with yellow variegation), but expect to pay a lot of money for one. I can’t find one for sale at the time of writing, so I’m guessing it’s something you either have to really search for, or get on a waiting list for.

How much does it cost to buy a big Monstera deliciosa from a garden centre?

It really depends on how big, but you can get a really spectacular plant for £50.

Monstera Peru are fairly readily available in garden centres that have a decent house plant selection, as are adansonii.

I have noticed that the prices for adansonii vary wildly. Don’t pay more than £20 unless you score a really big one. Even then, they grow pretty quickly if you provide them with ample light and humidity.

I hope that answers all your questions on how much monstera plants cost. If there’s anything else you want to know shoot me a comment.

Why do prices for Monstera vary so much?

It’s all a matter of supply and demand.

Monstera deliciosa are still incredibly popular, ESPECIALLY with people that only have a few plants. They might be either willing to pay above market price for a plant OR have no idea how much they should be paying.

If Monstera are very popular in your area, plant sellers can charge more.

There are other factors too: if you live in a cold climate, it costs more to keep the plants healthy, not to mention the fact you’ll probs lose a few when you import them, and have to tack that loss onto the price of the survivors.

A word on ‘mini Monstera’ before I go…

I have a thing for incorrectly named plants (there’s a new local plant shop that’s apparently selling Obliqua for 1/100th of their usual price. Sigh.

Fuckin’ Monstera minima.

Mini monstera are NOT monstera. They’re Rhapidophora tetrasperma. It’s annoying that they’re marketed as such, because it’s driven the price up.

I managed to score a cheap one – it clearly hasn’t been grown in accordance to the rules, because it’s just one long (like, 2 metres) vine. It doesn’t bother me – I can always snip and propagate.

But yeah, they’re not Monstera. I personally wouldn’t pay more than £20 (mine was £9.99). If you wait, either the price will drop or you’ll regret wasting £40 on a green one, when you could spend a few hundred on a variegated one!

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