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First things first: a new YouTube channel. I was writing an article on rooting hormone and came across JimmyB Harvests. They’re super simple videos, and more about food plants than house plants but he does really great experiments using various methods and they’re so good. And, like three minutes long.

I also highly recommend this video from Sydney Plant Guy. It’s a tour of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, and it’s so nice to know that they get spider mites on their Melanochrysum too!

How cute are these coasters?? I’m currently not buying any decor items because our whole house needs renovating and all money is going towards that BUT I love them. They can be added to Pinterest board for future reference.

Look at this freaking gorgeous Philodendron White Princess Tricolor. I love the whole website, and this page that goes through her collection and has linked care guides is really useful.

I was hunting for funny plant memes and I found this account. Spongebob is always a good shout. I find that so much plant ‘humour’ is along the lines of hiding plants from spouses and that gives me the ick. Or it’s about sprouting where you’re planted or something and that’s a bit too ‘live, laugh, love’ for me. Jen Jen the crazy plant lady really hits that funny sweet spot though.

I’m no further on in my search to find out what genus Monstera Peru came from. It’s been three weeks. I am DESPERATE. But why? Why do I care? Everyone else is like ‘huh, weird’ and I’m like I NEED TO KNOW.

Have I uncovered Big Plant’s biggest secret? Am I being watched right now??

PENS IN THE SHAPE OF A SPIDER PLANT. I have far too many pens so I will not be purchasing this, but it is CUTE. There’s flower ones too!

Here is my Hoya pubicalyx with a mysterious affliction:

The leaves without the yellow spots are new, so this is only happening on the old growth. It seems to have stopped now. The leaves started to drop – I lost about three – but now seem firmly attached.

When I was showing this in my house plant tour I noticed that I’d left it sitting in water, so I was like, obv it’s root rot.

First step when checking for root rot? Get it out of the pot:

I’m not trying to brag here (or mybe I am) but those roots are PERFECT. PERFECT. White, furry, and take up the perfect amount of pot – there’s enough that they won’t drown, but not so many that they’ll need repotting. Again, PERFECT.

Also, no pests. That was my next guess because the yellow spots are slightly indented in the surface. I actually think that those parts have sunken in (rather than been eaten away) because the cells in the middle burst.

I can only think that it’s a combination of cold and transport shock – cold can cause cells to burst and then those sections die off, causing yellowing. I moved her from my bedroom to my office and whilst it’s not THAT much colder in my office, clearly it was enough to have this reaction.

If anyone has any thoughts on what else this could be, I’m all ears. Other than the yellow spots, she’s fine: no peduncles, she’s starting to produce some new spring vines.

Also, a shout out to my schefflera that is successfully thrips free! I had to cut her back a bit and the leaf she grew immediately after only had three, er, leaves (are schleffera leaves the individual ‘arms’ or the whole thing?) but we’re back to seven now:

schefflera leaf
Is this one leaf? Or seven?

Have a great week!

Caroline Cocker

Caroline is the founder and writer (and plant keeper) of Planet Houseplant

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