This week In Houseplants (24/6/23)

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My Thai Constellation has a hole in the leaf! It’s not out yet but I can seeee her:

fenestration on thai constellation leaf

It’s only taken, like two years.

My Hoya bella is ready to POP, but I am IMPATIENT:

hoya bella peduncles

I love this time of year because all the plants are thriving, but I am SO impatient.

Case in point: my big Monstera (big in term of stature, her leaves number a measly 3) has put out a new leaf! Did I rummage around in the petiole and practically drag it out?? I did! I don’t recommend doing this AT ALL but I’m now wondering whether me interfering had any impact, or if she would have put it out anyway. Guess I’ll never know!

monstera with new leaf unfurling

This weeks house plant tour is from Fanciplants. I love plant tours when they have unusual plants but none that are ridiculously hard to get hold of yourself.

I’m also loving this video on growing a mature Monstera dubia. FIngers crossed i get fenestrations by the end of the season.

They’ve discovered that you only need a single photon of light to get photosynthesis started. This is not an excuse to put all your plants in dark corners guys. For one thing, that’s where the spider mites hang out.

I don’t like how they call units of light ‘packets’. You can’t put light in a packet. What was wrong with, like, ray? Or go for something whimsical, like glimmer.

I would like to live in this shop please

This is an older article, about a doctor that buys a plant every time a patient dies. It’s very sweet


The cacti I grew from seed have sprouted! I don’t know if the other plantlets are the Ficus benjamina I planted or just weeds.

Hope you all have a great weekend! We’re expecting thunder and rain, which I’m actually excited about because outdoor plants take SO MUCH watering.

Caroline Cocker

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