This Week In Houseplants (02/08/23)

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Freaking thrips on my freaking Hoya australis lisa. It’s my fault – I have her in the bathroom with my Monstera and Anthurium that have perpetual (small volumes) of thrips, so I didn’t know what I was expecting.

When I bought it it had mealybugs and I didn’t want them to spread. This is the issue with isolating plants is that when you have a tonne of plants, you may only have one spot to isolate them. And when you have multiple pests you can end up having a pest party.

Never mind.

monstera adansonii on moss pole

I got my Monstera adansonii on a pole! This is monumental for me – I usually like to wait until there are 100 vines and it’s a nightmare undertaking. This one wasn’t that bad! I have a video on my YouTube channel on the process if you’re interested.

Those aerial roots look ready to go!

I have another couple of poles so I might do my Florida green and Golden dragon next. Anything to tame that freaking dragon.

I found this video on acclimating tissue cultures if anyone’s interested. I’ve personally not bought any of those teeny tiny tissue-cultured plants, but I know a lot of people do so they can buy affordable rare plants.

I binge-watched this channel when I first found it because I love the idea of home tissue culture, but also…I’m not precise enough. So I live vicariously through these videos!

This is home decor goals.

In personal news, we’ve been adopted.

This cat has hung around for a while (our house looks over a little field thing that’s also surrounded by 9 other houses) and it could belong to anyone. It’s in decent condition (perhaps bit thin, but not starving).

Anyway, we had an old rabbit carrier that our rabbit chewed the door off (thanks Holly) so my boyfriend covered it in some old insulation foil stuff and propped it up on bricks. They live in there 22 hours a day (they pop off somewhere around 7pm, I assume to their owners) and are SO friendly.

They can’t come in. My rabbits would disown me and my boyfriend is allergic. Also, THEY’RE NOT OURS. Will I crack when there’s snow on the ground? Probs.

Have a great weekend! I’ll be recovering from a three-day barge excursion with my friend, her grandson, and his friend when this goes live. I’m sure it’ll be fun and not nerve-wracking and stressful at all!

Caroline Cocker

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