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I just discovered Kasvilikka on Instagram and BOY does she have some nice plants. Probably the nicest queen anthurium I’ve ever seen. Not that I’ve seen a tonne, but they tend to err a bit of the scraggy side, and hers are stunning.

I really don’t like this article on the best house plant according to your zodiac sign (Sagittarius and snake plant? What? Though Scorpio and venus fly trap is probs spot on), but the artwork is lovely. The artist is Alison Czinkota – it reminds me of Eyvind Earle, and I love it.

Need a new planter? Repurpose a coffin!

Psychoanalyzing My House Plants. Lol (Medium)

Short and sweet video on how to not kill your Monstera from Kill This Plant.

Ten-year-old me would be HORRIFIED to discover that I now spend most of my weekends at open gardens. One of my favourite activities is driving around the countryside looking for homemade ‘plant sale’ signs because there are often gardens to accompany them. Scour Facebook and the RHS website for ones local to you. Getting old is so weird, but not in the ways you would expect.

Love a plant unboxing.

This plant tour has a PUPPY

Love hearing about Emily Bowser’s garden. Also love the idea of growing vegetables in your garden but having someone else do all the work. Putting that on my ‘when I’m rich’ list.

Have a great weekend! I will be frantically check-in all my plants for thrips because my propagations are infested. If they recolonise my Monstera and Anthurium clarinerveum I will NOT be happy. Oh, and going to Flamingoland with my friend and her grandson.

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