This Week In House Plants 3/6/23

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Discovered a single thrips on my Monstera and suspected spider mites on my teeny baby Ficus elastica shivereana. IT’S FINE. I’ve been keeping an eye on the Monstera – the adults hang out in the petiole bit that the leaf came out of. The Ficus is so small I just dunk it in the pond so the mites won’t be so tempted to set up camp.

For 2023 plant inspo.

I don’t have the right stairs for this trend, but it’s a great way to display your plants if you do.

Stunning orchid tour

Should we be adding fungi to houseplants?

If you’re in the UK and looking for a terrarium kit, these ones on Etsy look SO GOOD.

Also a big fan of this crocheted plant. Hanging plants and me are not friends, so a crocheted option is probably best.

Plants that repel unwanted bugs – I love lavender and basil in the garden anyway, because it’s south-facing and super hot (for the UK anyway). Nasturtiums are awesome because they grow super easily, are edible, deter pests AND self-seed like champs. Remember when they cropped up in my ZZ plant because I ran out of potting mix and used some from my raised beds?

Lavender is sometimes sold as an indoor plant, but it’s a struggle to get it to thrive. They like bright, hot sun, and really good drainage. Same with basil tbh. If you do try to grow them indoors, keep them as close to a bright window as possible.

Have a great weekend!

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