This Week In House Plants (27/5/23)

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Happy Saturday!

How much does it look like my Rhaphidophora decursiva wants to fight?

His twin growth points look like he’s got his little arms up.

How are we all pronouncing Calathea? I’m team cah-lay-thea myself, but I have no aversion to cah-lah-thea

Look at this 100-year-old Hoya

Speaking of Hoya, here is a spreadsheet that details what the blooms smell like if anyone’s curious.

This week’s house plant tour is great if you love rare plants, but like a bit more variety than the more usual aroid-heavy ones. This girl does her own tissue culturing, and it’s super interesting.

We went to a local open garden last Sunday and look at the size of this freaking hosta:

They also have a few of my favourite outdoor plant, Gunnera:

I love huge, weird plants that look like they’ve seen dinosaurs.


“I just want my little girl back,” says Ashley’s mother, Amanda Devianne. “Why can’t she admit that it’s weird to have plants in your bathtub? We say, ‘Sweetie, it’s OK. You can tell us anything,’ but she won’t budge. Her father and I are terrified.” I can feel a similar intervention in my future.

I love the style of these Amazon prints, but I wish they’d use the proper names. I get that this is basically impossible because I switch between common and botanical names a lot. What I really want is for them to personally consult me before making the prints to check the names I like to use. IS THAT REALLY TOO MUCH TO ASK??

I’d make my own, but I can’t draw.

By the way, I’m in the market for a house-plant themed mug, but a nice one. They all seem a bit naff, and like they’ve been made by someone trying to make a quick buck off a popular trend (which they probs have).

Am I just trying to justify buying myself a Cricut and making my dad (who’s an artist) do me some sketches?? Is it working?? Watch this space.

Some fun videos:

Love a plant chores video

And of course a plant tour

And we’ll round it off with this cursed video

Have a great weekend!

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