This Week In House Plants (10/6/23)

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My Verrucosum has a new leaf. I am obsessed. Verrucosum are just so so stunning.

Ok, so the front is beautiful enough. I’m a terrible photographer and there’s no filter on this but look:

It looks luminous!

But that’s not even the best bit, because look at the back of the leaf:

I’ve never seen something hairy like be so ELEGANT. And the red between the veins is just amazing. I’m in love.

I’m beginning to suspect that my Philodendron Gloriosum is, in fact, a Glorious.

My suspicions were first aroused when I noticed it didn’t have prominent white veins, but since not all gloriosums have white veining I didn’t think much of it. BUT now the leaves are coming in pretty elongated rather than round (due to the melanochrysum in it’s parentage) and I’m not sure.

It also has aerial roots, which APPARENTLY crawlers don’t have but I’m not sure how cut and dry that is. Glorious tend to scramble which is a nice way of saying that they climb, but not very well.

It seems pretty happy though, and that’s the main thing. I do keep getting what looks like salt flakes on the new growth though, so I’m keeping an eye out for signs that he and my water aren’t getting along. Other than the crystals, he seems ok though. The leaves are pretty much perfect.

Apparently my beef with spider plants is over, because mine has Done The Thing. A little too well actually.

Dude, that is one heck of an inflorescence.

He’s actually a bit much to manage (my coffee cup needs to fit on that table!) so his pot now sits on top of the Philodendron Florida’s, and I lean the flower spike up the moss pole.

Interested in trying out tissue culture? I did a deep dive on YouTube and wrote an article. It’s…a lot.

Am I trying it out? Not at the moment. Maybe in the future.

Love a Jungle Haven video. Here’s a propagation tour.

I was watching Troye Sivan’s house tour, and his garden is so so stunning. I know it’s not house plants but I don’t care. I also really hope there’s rice fish or something in that big pot, not like, goldfish, and I also feel he bigged up the fantasy toilet too much. It was less fantasy, more OA mine prison.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

I am, predictably, going plant shopping, and I need to work on my photography. We saw the most glorious view the other weekend and my phone was like ‘I can’t seeee’ which I’m sure is a me problem I can work on.

Caroline Cocker

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