My 50 favourite Houseplant YouTubers

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YouTube is for me, hands down the easiest way for me to learn about plants. I taught myself the basics of care by obsessively watching plant YouTubers.

It’s all very good turning to google, but the top results are often headlines such as ’10 easy-care house plants’ or ‘house plants you can neglect’.

Google, I WANT to care for my plants. I just don’t know HOW.

With YouTube, you can track someone’s progress, and watch them actually, for example, get rid of spider mites. The theory is great and all, but we want EVIDENCE and TIPS.

That may sound a bit odd, since here I am, a house plant blogger, but I try to stay away from that very editorial feel, mainly because I want to actually help people, but also because whilst I love writing, I am a TERRIBLE photographer. Terrible. And I’ve been practicing for years. Still, I try.

I also have a YouTube channel, which you can check out here.


Here are the YouTubers:

Jenna Marbles

Yeah, I know.

Not only is she not a plant YouTuber, but she doesn’t even upload to her channel any more.

But hear me out.

Without Jenna Marbles (and specifically her plant tour), I would never have gotten interested in house plants. I just found her passion for them inspiring.

I began to research plants, learned how to care for mine, and then started this website (which kept me sane during 2020).

Thanks Jenna, you’re the best.

Btw, my parents have two Italian Greyhounds, and they have the same personalities as Kermit and Peach. They also have a whippet, and let me tell you, whippets and greyhounds are WAY chiller than Italian greyhounds. And far easier to train.

2. Kaylee Ellen

Jenna sent me to Kaylee, and I’m glad she did.

In the early days, my plant wishlist was basically whatever Kaylee hauled. And at about the same time she launched her shop and started getting SUPER RARE plants, I learned that, actually, spending more than £50 on a plant really skyrocketed my anxiety, and it wasn’t worth it.

So watching Kaylee for me is kind of like a natural makeup lover watching Nikki Tutorials – it’s super fun and I enjoy the content, but it’s not something I want to emulate myself.

Fun fact (if by fun, I mean a bit tragic), every Saturday night after I finish work (usually after 10pm – I work in a restaurant, before you go thinking I’m a workaholic, I’m actually very lazy), my boyfriend and I settle down to watch Gardener’s World followed by Kaylee Ellen’s latest video. It’s wild, and absolutely the highlight of my week.

To be perfectly honest I find some of her content a bit stressful, so I usually stick to her plant content rather than documentaries. I do love the Dish the Dirt episodes though.

3. Betsy Begonia

One time she commented on my Instagram to thank me for sending someone to her video. My boyfriend and I were BUZZING.

I love Betsy. She has awesome advice and recommendations, doesn’t have a super out of reach collections, and she is absolutely hilarious. The video of her trying to wash her cat’s feet is amazing.

4. Harli G

I’m pretty sure she’s the nicest person in the world. She just seems so sweet and fun. She has a great mix of super rare and super common plants (and doesn’t seem to prefer one over the other). I think I’ve learned the most practical advice from her.

5. Minimalist Cali

If you’re looking to get into semi-hydro/LECA, then Cali is a great one to start with.

When I first started researching semi-hydro I found it quite overwhelming, because a lot of people I was watching weren’t having much success. Cali just…gets on with it. She made me more confident about washing roots and all that stuff. She also only has a small collection.

6. Plant Pots N What-Nots

Super indepth care videos without being overwhelming. She deserves more subscribers.

7. Becca De La Plants

I love all her videos, but especially great if you’re struggling with spider mites. She had a big infestation last year so she knows her stuff.

8. My Clean Leaves

Another great one to learn about semi-hydro. She has great recommendations for pots, nutrients, and all that good stuff.

9. Bebee Plants

Bebee has great videos on leca, especially if you feel like it’s all going wrong. She’s, er, been there.

10. Danielle Tells

A really great channel if you’re into succulents. I’m not (there’s not enough light, so there’s no point me developing that particular hobby), but I still love her videos.

11. DouTube

He’s hilarious and has a lot of plants and a tiny house. All the inspo.

12. Garden Answer

As the channel name would suggest, this channel mainly deals with outside gardens, but she does a bit on house plants and flower arranging. It’s just fun to watch.

13. Hoochoo

This is channel about *ahem* hydroponics (there’s a video on building a stealth wardrobe grow room which might be of use to those of you trying hide plants from spouses!) but it’s great if you need more information on growlights and nutrients. I found it helpful when I was starting with my Aerogarden.

14. Knot Dude

Cute vlogs (with Becca De La Plants and My Clean Leaves), LECA, and a LOT about hoya.

15. Pam’s Pretty Plants

A bit of gardening, cute pets, and lots of plants. Pam also seems to keep things more budget friendly than some of the other people with a tonne of plants.

16. Planterina

Planterina’s background is in interior design, so if you’re looking for ways to style your plants, this is the channel for you. She’s also really open about her plants dying from neglect BUT she grows plenty to big, beautiful specimens. She has some absolutely monstrous Monstera.

17. Pretty In Plants

Another great source for getting started with LECA -I’m pretty sure she does semi-hydro with all her plants except pothos (which always die on her).

18. Summer Rayne Oakes

My boyfriend and I love to watch her plant tours. She has so much knowledge about so many different types of plants, so if you’re looking for a care for a specific plant, check out her archives.

19. The Plant’s Meow

This is cross between an oldfashioned youtube channel with hauls and tags and a plant channel. I love it so much. She also has an awesome guide to caring for anthuriums.

20. Tropical Plant Girl

Another channel that has a lot of information about hoya and LECA (often together!).

21. Winding Leaf

I never get sick of her posting plant tours, and she has a LOT.

22. Hallease

Not just plant videos, but the ones she posts are great if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. She has the most soothing voice, and she’s great at explaining plant care (and yes, she has a video or two on leca).

23. Lulu’s Leaves

Awesome content (hauls, nursery tours etc), awesome eyebrows. I’m not envious at all.

24. Heather’s Hoyas

This is just a baby channel at the moment, but she’s really good. Not hoya exclusive at all!

25. Jolene Foliage

I’m running out of description. They’re all just nice people talking about plants. You don’t need a little blurb from me. Just click the link.

26. Good Growing

27. Crazy Plant Guy

Ok, one more note: when he does a top ten house plants as a parody of the Batchelor, I LOLed a lot.

28. Miss Orchid Girl House Plants

29. Pammela P

CEO (or owner, whatever) of Also has an amazing habit of being awesome with plants that the rest of us kill (string of dolphins, I’m talking about you).

30. TechPlant

If you want to get a bit more technical with your plants, this is the channel for you. He has videos on rooting hormone, grow lights, and propagating, where he experiments and tries various techniques.

31. Legends of Monstera

32. Plants & Lucia

33. Addy Beez

34. Plant Life In The Tropics

35. Plant Me Ashley

36. Wildfern

37. Nick Pileggi

38. Gabriella Plants

39. Garden Up

40. Geeks of Green

41. The Practicing Planter

42. Livin’ With Troy and Aubrey

43. Kreatyve Gardenista

44. Everything Plants

45. Feline Jungle

46. Rooting Mindfully

47. Miss Orchid Girl

48. PDX Planty Things

49. David Morales

50. SerpaDesign

Ok, so this is more terrarium building rather than actual plants, but the guy has some awesome ideas.

If you have any YouTubers that you love, be sure to let me know. Also, if you’re a small (or large) PlantTuber and would like to be featured on this list, feel free to leave a comment or message me on Instagram!

Caroline Cocker

Caroline is the founder and writer (and plant keeper) of Planet Houseplant

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