Can you grow variegated monstera from seed?

Variegated Monstera are extremely beautiful, but come with a price tag a lot of us just aren’t willing or able to pay – especially if we’re not 100% sure how to care for monstera. What’s most frustrating is that variegated monstera aren’t even rare – they’re just in such high demand that they command a …

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How much do Monstera plants cost?

Monstera are probably one of the very few extremely common plants that varies WILDLY in price. Because you can get Monstera for FREE. Isn’t that the dream, kids? Free plants? Mine weren’t free. One of them especially wasn’t free. Well actually it was to me, but not my boyfriend. Here’s how much I paid for …

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Why is my monstera weeping?

weeping monstera

It can be quite alarming seeing water droplets forming on the ends of your Monstera’s leaves when you’ve been so careful not to overwater it. As you can see from the image above, my Monstera Thai Constellation currently has water on the leaves. If you’re new to plant care, but you’ve been doing your research, …

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