Do you need to put rocks in the bottom of plant pots?

copper plant pots

Only a few years ago I knew NOTHING about houseplants. NOTHING. One thing I did know was that when you pot up a plant, it’s good practice to put rocks in the bottom of your plant pots. Everyone does it. People that know about plants – people on the internet, people on TV, grandparents. The …

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Do house plants need pots with holes?

tradescantia and ZZ plant

If you’ve got any idea about houseplants at all, you’ll know that the number two killer of houseplants is overwatering. Plants don’t like having their roots sat in a pool of water. It doesn’t feel nice. It rots rot and can drown the plant. With all this being said, I think I can pretty confidently …

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How do you stop overwatering plants?

aloe vera

The easiest way to stop overwatering plants is to only water them when their substrate is dry. This isn’t great for some types of plants, especially plants that prefer staying moist, like Calathea, but it’ll be better for them than root rot. If watering isn’t your strong suit (yet), stick to plants that aren’t too …

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Why do house plants attract flies?

photo of a sundew plant

Ah, fungus gnats, the bane of all houseplant owners, (and my boyfriend, who’s plagued by them, and is pretty uninterested in the plants). Why do they inevitably turn up and bug you whilst you’re trying to drink a casual glass of wine and watch Gardener’s World? Fungus gnats are attracted by rotting organic matter and …

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How long do spider plants live? (+ care tips)

spider plant on a desk

What’s the point of doing all your research and learning how to take care of your spider plants if they’re going to die in a year anyway? Or two years…Or ten years… Spider plants can live an extremely long time – as in, well upwards of twenty years. Personally, I can’t seem to get mine …

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