How to keep your house plants alive over winter

monstera deliciosa

I’ve only been into keeping house plants properly since about April of this year, so all the information in this post is from Google, not from experience. Also, I know it doesn’t really need to be said but this post isn’t for those of you that live in countries where the temperature doesn’t dip below …

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How to repot a house plant (without killing it) 101

haworthia in a pot

Really Caroline, a whole post on how to shift a plant into a slightly bigger one and stick a bit more soil in it? Yes, actually, because there’s a bit more to it than that, should you be interested in not killing your plant babies. Although, tbh, for many moons, I diligently moved all my …

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Fertilising your house plants: everything you need to know

satin pothos

It’s generally assumed that plants get their energy from the sun. All they need is a bit of bright, indirect light and the odd water and they’ll be a-ok! And that’s largely true. The majority of house plants will grow ok with no fertiliser, especially if they’re regularly repotted – by which I mean yearly, …

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How to water house plants: the ultimate guide

watering cans and house plants

Getting to grips with how to water my plants was life-changing when it came to my ability to keep them alive for more than a week. Now they actually GROW. I oscillated wildly between being an extremely neglectful plant parent to being a chronic over waterer, and let me tell you: your plants won’t thank …

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101 tips for keeping your house plants alive

photo of a house plant-filled living room

I’m as interested as you to see if I can come up with A HUNDRED AND ONE tips for keeping your house plants alive.  I mean, 101. That’s loads. We’d better crack on! 1 – Let the top inch of soil dry out before watering again UNLESS you have a plant that needs to be …

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