Are Grow Lights Worth It?

It feels a bit weird to be going on about the amazingness of using grow lights for house plants when we’re about to go into an energy crisis. I’m not currently using mine. I love them but now is not the time. Perhaps I’ll flick them back in the depths of winter, but we’ll see. …

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9 Signs That Your Plant Needs More Light

The plant isn’t growing It’s producing leggy growth All the new growth is small The soil stays damp for weeks The leaves are pale or yellowing but the roots are fine It’s leaning towards the window It doesn’t flower Loss of variegation You think it might need more light

How I Organise My Plants In Winter

If you live somewhere warmish, then you might not need to move your plants depending on the season. Here in the UK, I definitely DO. Tropical house plants do NOT enjoy winter. A little disclaimer before we start: a few of the tips I mention are NOT best practice. Mostly re. keeping plants near radiators. …

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Grow Lights For Peace Lilies

Grow lights aren’t a necessity for peace lilies – they’re plants that thrive in indirect light, and grow lights are a bit too intense. However, they can encourage increased growth (both the speed and the size of the leaves) when used correctly or if you wish to put your plant in a particularly dark spot. …

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Planet Houseplant’s Beginner Guide to Grow Lights

Grow lights are an incredibly useful piece of equipment for houseplant people, but it is a very confusing topic for beginners. Unfortunately, there’s always going to be a bit of trial and error when it comes to using grow lights on houseplants. If you’re growing tomatoes indoors, there is a tonne of information out there …

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