Do Pothos Need Humidity?

Can Pothos grow in low humidity? Do Pothos like bathrooms? Do Pothos like to be misted? The benefits of growing Pothos in high humidity How to maximise the benefits of high humidity

Peace Lily Humidity Requirements

Peace lilies thrive in humidity levels of 50% and above. They grow faster and with healthier leaves when the humidity is between 50%-65%. Anything above 70% is unlikely to make much of a difference. How much humidity do peace lilies need? Peace lilies aren’t that picky when it comes to humidity. I consider them a …

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Monstera Deliciosa Humidity Requirements

Monstera deliciosa are happy in a range of humidity levels – anything above 40% is fine for them. However, they can benefit from having higher humidity levels, and if you’re struggling to convince your Monstera to grow, increasing the humidity can give it a boost. Before investing in a humidifier or misting your plant or …

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Humidity Requirements For Syngonium/Arrowhead Vines

Syngoniums (or Arrowhead vines, as they’re often called) get a bit of a raw deal – they’re condemned to live in low light, cold conditions, with only a snake plant for company. If your Syngonium doesn’t get much light, don’t mist it. If it gets a lot of light and is healthy, mist it if …

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