April 2023 House Plant Growth

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I have no idea if this is the kind of thing people are interested in. I see a lot of growth update YouTube videos but never an article. I’m either a pioneer in the space or a show-off looking to brag about her plants.

Maybe both!

Thai Constellation

First new Thai leaf of the year! It’s SO difficult not to *help* it unfurl, but touching leaves that haven’t hardened off yet is likely to damage them so we leave them alone. Mostly.

I love this plant. They’re extremely popular for a reason. Does that make me basic? Probably. I also love Taylor Swift, avocado toast, and Marvel movies.

Pothos Marble Queen in the terrarium

She’s getting so big. I wished the terrarium was taller so I could get a bit of fenestration going.

This is only one plant but there’s a few growth points and new ones all the time:

The aerial roots have hardened off and are now woody like a Monstera deliciosas:

Philodendron Pink Princess

I just got a cheap one so the variegation is meh at best, but the new leaf is looking good!

I like the mottled ones just as much as the ones with more sectoral variegation so I’m really not bothered (not that I’d say no to a half moon, but we can all be a little basic from time to time, for a treat).

I think variegation levels are definitely increasing!

Philodendron Florida Ghost

I overwintered my FG in the terrarium, but it was too bright in there an the leaves aren’t, er, greening. I don’t know how long it’s meant to take, but it’s been months. She’s out in the world now and a new leaf is on its way looking a bit greener than the others. Phew.

Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma growing into the light

I know a lot of plants are meant to grow towards the light, but I have a lot of climbing plants in the terrarium and this the only one that does it to this degree.

Hmm, probs time for me to cut that velvet touch back.

Rhapidophora decursiva

Just a nub, but it’s still exciting!

I’m obsessed with how..neatly (?) this plant grows. One node has one leaf and one aerial root (usually about 1cm long) and the internodes are all pretty much equidistant. So pleasing.

her aerial roots are shy in this picture (they’re on the other side)

Monstera dubia

Suddenly on a growth spurt after two years of nothing:

I love how it hides a secret growth point behind another leaf:


Smaug is my Philodendron Golden Dragon. He has the growth pattern of a caffeinated toddler. That doesn’t make sense whilst simultaneously making total sense when I show you this:

He has multiple growth points, and they all have wildly different growth patterns. This one is clearly off on an adventure.


My Schefflera has been doing SO WELL since finally kicking her thrips habit. I’ve circled her newest leaf, and then you can see she already has another one on the way.

Top plant tip: taking photos of your plants and uploading them to the internet really highlights how much they need dusting.

new claw incoming

Philodendron gloriosum

I repotted all my teeny baby plants in clear pots (What can I say? I like seeing roots) and *fingers crossed* none of the new growth seems to have been disturbed.

new leaf is definitely a touch bigger

I technically could have waited a week bit longer – they definitely weren’t snug in their pots BUT the weather’s getting warmer and baby plants are only a couple of missed waterings away from permanent damage so I’m happy with my decision to up-pot.

Syngonium Mottled

I decided to cut back all the tiny growth that this plant came with. I have photos in this article but basically, she was a three-foot vine with tiny leaves and huge internodes. She then, for no discernable reasonable, started growing MASSIVE leaves (like, from the size of a grape to the size of a grapefruit (weird comparison, but I couldn’t think of anything else – it’s Friday!)

So now she’s just three big leaves and this beauty that’s unfurling.

The variegation is waning a bit, but I’m not bothered – it’ll come back if it wants.

Philodendron Florida green

Another day, another leaf with sport variegation.

Nearly every leaf has some variegation, but usually it’s just a tiny amount. This one has quite a bit in a couple of different shades.

Philodendron verrucosum

This leaf is still in the early stage so fingers crossed she’s ok after the repotting.

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Have a great weekend!

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