How often should you water indoor plants?

I wish I could tell you that you could set yourself a reminder and water all your plants weekly. Unfortunately, it’s not the best way to do it, unless you want to overwater. And you definitely don’t want to overwater. Read why in this post (tl;dr – it’ll kill your plant babies). So, how often …

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Can house plants cause damp?

I’ve had a bit of a dilemma this year. We live in an old, damp house, so at Christmas, I treated myself to a dehumidifier. Crazy, I know. And then I somehow acquired dozens of houseplants that would require humidity. Suddenly the humidity was a good thing, and the dehumidifier was the evil, life-sucking monster …

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Which house plants grow the quickest in the UK?

Tradescantia Zebria

I think that the main reason why I have so many houseplants is that I have a problem they’re great as an alternative to more expensive home decor items. But houseplants, for the most part, have their origins in the tropics. And to buy houseplants cheaply, you’re best of buying ’em when they’re babies. So …

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Do you need to put rocks in the bottom of plant pots?

copper plant pots

Only a few months ago I knew NOTHING about houseplants. NOTHING. One thing I did know was that when you pot up a plant, it’s good practice to put rocks in the bottom of your plant pots. Everyone does it. People that know about plants – people on the internet, people on TV, grandparents. The …

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Do house plants need pots with holes?

tradescantia and ZZ plant

If you’ve got any idea about houseplants at all, you’ll know that the number two killer of houseplants is overwatering. Plants don’t like having their roots sat in a pool of water. It doesn’t feel nice. It rots rot and can drown the plant. With all this being said, I think I can pretty confidently …

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