Plant Profile: How to care for…Calathea

I kind of got into plants in the wrong order – I went all in on Philodendron first, purely because they’re low-light tolerant and aren’t fussy about watering. I’d basically written off Calathea due to their slightly-more-fussy-than-philodendron nature. But they drew me in. They’re just so damn beautiful. And then my local garden centre started …

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Why (and how) you need to clean your house plants

photo of a succulent

Yes, you should be cleaning your house plants. No, of course I don’t clean mine as often as I should. Does anyone? Honestly? Why you need to clean your houseplants For a start, nothing on God’s green earth can attract dust like a house plant. NOTHING. One of the reasons I used to be so …

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How to get rid of house plant pests

ivy on bookshelves

I’m going to start by giving you a little advice that will both help and horrify you: Once you have house plant pests, it’s super hard to entirely eradicate them if you have a lot of plants. So check your plants often and spray with neem oil as a preventative. Fuckin’ house plant bugs. Out …

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How to keep your house plants alive over winter

monstera deliciosa

I’ve only been into keeping house plants properly since about April of this year, so all the information in this post is from Google, not from experience. Also, I know it doesn’t really need to be said but this post isn’t for those of you that live in countries where the temperature doesn’t dip below …

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