Why is my house plant dropping leaves?

monstera leaf

Ok, first off, let’s stop you panicking. Your plant has lost a leaf. Or several leaves. This does NOT (necessarily) mean that your plant is dead/dying. Sometimes plants just lose leaves. Their leaves get old and they drop off. That’s just the natural lifecycle of plant leaves. But there are other things that can cause …

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How to get house plants to bloom

philodendron golden dragon

The best way to ensure your house plants will bloom is to care for them well. Cards on the table time: not all of my plants have bloomed. I don’t even know which of my plants are likely to bloom. You see, I’m a foliage girl myself. I got my paws on a Philodendron Golden …

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What causes brown tips on house plant leaves?

dracaena marginata triclor

One of the major problems with houseplants is that they can’t tell you if something is wrong, similar to pets. But pets change their behaviour – when we had house rabbits, we could tell when they were a bit…off. Which is useful, because rabbits don’t tend to put their illness on display until they’re about …

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40 Gift ideas for plant lovers: what we wish you’d buy us

Buying presents is hard. Especially for dads. ESPECIALLY if your dad (like mine) doesn’t like sports, beer, or stuff. Any kind of stuff. He has what he needs. If you have a plant lover in your life, I’ve compiled a list of things they’d love to receive. The great thing about this list is there …

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How often should you water indoor plants?

I wish I could tell you that you could set yourself a reminder and water all your plants weekly. Unfortunately, it’s not the best way to do it, unless you want to overwater. And you definitely don’t want to overwater. Read why in this post (tl;dr – it’ll kill your plant babies). So, how often …

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