The best low maintenance indoor plants

njoy pothos

There are umpteen low maintenance house plant articles out there, and from reading it it’s pretty clear that the people writing them either have no idea about plant care or severely underestimate just how lazy some of us are. For that reason, I’m going to rank the thirteen plants I’ve picked as being truly low …

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How to propagate plant cuttings in water

monstera propagating in water

I’m a huge lover of propagating plants because it combines my two passions: house plants and free shit. I never really believed propagating worked unless you had a massive greenhouse or fancy chemicals, but it turns out any idiot with some scissors and an old sweet chilli sauce jar can do it. Let me show …

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Is it better to water plants from the top or bottom?

palm frond

Now, before we start, I don’t want anyone going home from this blog post (as it were) and thinking they’ve been watering their plants wrong. As long as you regularly apply water to your plants, that’s plenty good enough for the majority of house plants. They’re not bothered where their water is administered from as …

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Can you keep plants in the bathroom?

ferns and golden pothos around a bath

Bathrooms can be cold, stark places, and what better (and cheaper) way to brighten up yours than with a plant? Or lots of plants, covering every surface which is a thing that keeps cropping up on Instagram. The only thing I can say about that is that Plantstagrammers move their plants around a lot. Don’t …

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Can house plants survive in the dark?


Honestly? HONESTLY? No. I’m sure a ZZ plant would try super super hard to survive in, say, a bathroom with no lights. But it wouldn’t grow very quickly, if at all, and it would thrive. A lot of plants aren’t fussy: give them enough water, light, and something to grow their roots in, and they’ll …

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