My 50 favourite House Plant YouTubers

YouTube is for me, hands down the easiest way for me to learn about plants. I taught myself the basics of care by obsessively watching plant YouTubers. It’s all very good turning to google, but the top results are often headlines such as ’10 easy-care house plants’ or ‘house plants you can neglect’. Google, I … Read more

How I Identify My House Plants

Identifying house plants is not an easy task. There are A LOT of them. And not only that, but a lot of them look verrry similar. You’d think it’d be as easy as 1. buy a plant, 2. look at the label of said plant. But that’s absolutely not the case. And whilst I’ve bought … Read more

Which House Plants Like Leca?

THEORETICALLY there’s no reason that all plants couldn’t be kept in leca. But of course, anything house plant-related is rarely that straight forward… Can you put succulents and cacti in leca? Before I learned how growing plants in a semi-hydroponic system worked, I assumed that you couldn’t grow succulents that way. They’d rot, surely? Buuuut, … Read more