Why does my monstera have black spots?

First of all BREATH. We’re going to get to the bottom of what causing black or brown spots to appear on your Monstera. This is going to be fine. There are 8 reasons why your monstera is developing black or brown spot on its leaves: Root rot Dehydration Sunburn Physical damage It’s too cold You’ve … Read more

Is diatomaceous earth good for house plants?

white powder

I’ve known about the existence of diatomaceous earth for a while ( I watched a Betsey Begonia video on it), and I thought it ‘d be a great topic to read up on and write a blog post about, since it’s one of the most effective ways of getting rid of fungus gnats. So I … Read more

Why are there mushrooms growing on my house plant?


I bet most people in the world have no idea the shock one experiences when they happen upon a surprise mushroom in their home. Let’s assume you have, hence finding this article. It’s only happened to me once, when I found a mushroom chilling in my chronically overwatered (not by me) string of pearls plant. … Read more

House Plant Pest Profile: Scale


There are 8000 species of scale insects worldwide, and they vary quite a bit in terms of appearance. I don’t currently have any plants with armoured scale (the worst one imo), but I lost a big palm to it once, and I never want to encounter it again. Although, it was kind of fun picking … Read more