Which House Plants Like Leca?

THEORETICALLY there’s no reason that all plants couldn’t be kept in leca. But of course, anything house plant-related is rarely that straight forward… Can you put succulents and cacti in leca? Before I learned how growing plants in a semi-hydroponic system worked, I assumed that you couldn’t grow succulents that way. They’d rot, surely? Buuuut, … Read more

Does Leca Prevent Pests?

No, but it can basically eliminate some, and make others easier to manage. The main reason I started researching switching to a semi-hydroponic system was the thrips on my Thai Constellation. I’m a naturally frugal person that gets stressed and overwhelmed easily, so I couldn’t let my nearly £100 plant die. I KNOW that a … Read more

Why Use LECA? 9 Benefits Of Growing House Plants In Semi-hydro

Leca is environmentally friendly Growing plants in semi-hydroponics saves water Semi-hydro is easier to schedule Leca is less messy than soil Fungus gnats can’t thrive in leca Fertilising is more effective You can more accurately control pH You can keep plants in smaller pots It can be cheaper than soil Growing plants in semi-hydro/Leca isn’t … Read more

What is LECA?

I’m going to start by explaining my choice to not capitalise Leca. Er, I don’t want to, and it looks a bit aggressive. That’s it really. If you’re wondering why I’ve suddenly starting banging on about leca and semi-hydro etc etc recently, it’s because I started getting into it during the summer when I was … Read more

Is Leca Better Than Soil?

No – it’s just different. Leca is cheaper (over time) and is less likely to attract root rot and pest IF YOU DO IT RIGHT. It’s also a hella learning BUT it’s easier to get leca off the carpet compared to soil. I’ve recently started transitioning my plants from potting mix to leca, and it’s…been … Read more