24 Amazon Gift Ideas For House Plant Lovers

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I know Amazon aren’t the *best* but for people like me that have to sit and bang out all their Christmas shopping in one day otherwise they’ll never do it, it’s a necessary evil. I’m vegan and I don’t fly or have kids. Let me have Amazon.

This is for people using the American site. I’ll do a UK one too. I have an Etsy guide for plants here and one for shops selling pots too. And a gift guide with more practical gifts, like humidifiers, here.

1 – Cactus Measuring spoons

I think these are so cool. Also, FINALLY a cactus that won’t get mealy bugs. Cute, functional, and doesn’t need anything from me? Perfect.

2 – Monstera Print Duvet Set

Bedding is one of those things that I see in store and think ‘one day, I’m gonna get myself plant print bedding’ and simply…don’t. This print is really nice – Monstera print is usually either too cartoony or too biology-diagrammy, and this is a nice middle ground.

3 – Plant-print purse

This is a small handbag/purse/wallet that is cute and cheap. The plants depicted aren’t real, more of an artist’s impression, but I still like them!

I also like this one:

4 – Cool socks

There are tonnes of socks that were, er, plantier, in theme, but the designs were all a bit naff and these made me laugh.

I also LOVE these ones (and they do them in men’s sizes):

5 – Plant prints

I hate to tell you what to do, but please also buy frames if you’re giving these as a gift. These ones are nice.

6 – Monstera adansonii earrings

There are a tonne of deliciosa earrings, but these adansonii ones are stunning. They’re small, chunky but not too much, and a bit different but not weird.

7 – Plant notebook

There are a tonne of these, but this one really caught my eye. It has a real Victorian glass house vibe.

8 – A Plant stand

I wouldn’t really recommend buying furniture for someone you don’t live with, but this is too cool not to include. Just pick the recipient wisely (or treat yourself!)

9 – Monstera rug

I have no idea if I love this or hate it. Either way, it’s going in my bathroom.

Nm, I prefer this one:

10 – This jigsaw

I love this. I hope my family get me this (heads up guys, you’re all get amigurumi creatures this year).

11 – These cushions

There are a bunch to choose from, but I think the succulent is SO COOL.

12 – Neon wall sign

If it’s tacky to love this, I am tacky. I’m not normally a neon wall art person but this speaks to me.

13 – Monstera storage box

As someone with, if not ADHD, many of the ADHD traits, I can’t function in mess but am very messy. Storage boxes are an embarrassingly large part of my life, and I quite enjoy a whimsical one PLUS I can put my plant stuff in and it’s kind of…labelled itself (which is great because I’m never gonna get round to labelling it, despite owning about 27% of the world’s stationery).


I may actually prefer this one:

14 – Plant print dish towels

One of the many things I would never, ever buy for myself but would LOVE to receive.

15 – Mug

Trying to find a nice plant mug is more difficult than it should be. I might design my own on Redbubble. They all have horrible captions like ‘plant mom’ and ‘I soiled/wet my plants’. No ta. This one is cute though:

(If you like cats. I love cats).

16 – Slippers

Slippers are always a good shout.

17 – Stationery


18 – More stationery

Idk, in my experience plant people also love pens.

Also these:

19 – Plant journal/logbook

This isn’t something I’d ever use, but I know a lot of people love them. I scoured the reviews and this one seems the best reviewed. Erin Condren knows what she’s doing with planners tbh.

20 – Monstera Cooking Spoon


21 – Cactus utensil pot

It could also be a meta vase

22 – Salt and pepper shakers

Not my style but VERY cute

23 – Glasses

Ok, Bezos, I want this print on a mug plz.

24 – Cactus Pot scrubber

At first I thought this was super wasteful, but you can replace the sponge. I actually don’t like this BUT it is EXACTLY the kind of thing my mum would have bought us as a kid to trick us into begging to do the dishes. AND IT WOULD HAVE WORKED. Just like how she used to tell us that ironing was SO DANGEROUS until we begged to help. Seriously, she should write a book. I thought that pineapple was candy until I was fifteen.

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